Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lucy and the TV

Lucy watches a lot of TV because her mother watches a lot of TV. The bad thing about Lucy watching TV is she gets really emotional about whatever she's watching. There are certain channels that I don't even think about stopping at (Animal Planet being number one). I would never even attempt to watch a dog show because it would just be Lucy whining, barking, and lunging at the TV the whole time. She even has emotional meltdowns over cartoon dogs! She knows the difference between a human cartoon and a dog cartoon, who could be standing on two legs like a human, talking like a human, and she will only bark at the human-like dog. Go figure on that one.

Anyway, it's not just dogs that she dislikes as I mentioned in a previous post (she still hates William Shatner, bells and opera). Here are some more things that upset Lucy whenever they come on screen:

The guy. Hates. Him.

This dog from the Cesar dog food commercials. I don't know if you guys have seen this commercial, but in the background someone is whistling a catchy little jingle. The TV could be completely off and if I whistle this same tune (which, by the way, you should hear me whistle sometime. I'm fantastic.) Lucy will flip out and charge the TV.

Spongebob. No explanation needed.


  1. What a connoisseur of the flashy box you are Lucy! We hate that Free Credit Report guy too, and agree that Spongebob is just flat out annoying (although we do like his buddy Patrick the starfish). Can't see the picture of the Cesar commercial (not showing up, just blank space!), but can probably agree with you on that one too!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  2. I think Lucy has a high standard!! Great taste, actually ;)

  3. Lucy just knows what she likes and doesn't want to waste time on anything else!!! There is nothing wrong with that =)


  4. Haha that is too funny!
    We watch the DOg whisper and the most Gus will do is stand infront of the tv and whine. Once he realizes the whole show is like that he will sit beside and actually watch the tv. its so funny, head tilting and everything. Indy could care less.

  5. We have to do the same thing at our house. Any dog or animal shows have to be changed immediately or Swisher has to sit in the bedroom while the rest of watch the show because he gets a little crazy with the tv. We do believe you have great taste with shows and against certain commercials Lucy.

    Lots of licks--
    oakley and swisher

  6. You are funny. Those people on TV are a bit frightening. They need a little growl
    Benny & Lily

  7. We like how picky you are Lucy. I hate the nasonex bee that flys around on TV!!!!!

  8. I don't like Giadia from the cooking network. Whenever Mom and I go over to Grandma Andrea's house to watch the cooking shows with her I hide when Giadia comes on!

  9. What a fun post! Mom doesn't watch TV but daddy does a lot. I am too busy by the fridge though (who, by the way, had started to make weird noises lately - wolflike noises).