Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And now...the answers to your questions!

The first question comes from trollcole at trovecove, who is actually one of my good friends in real life. Her question is: why are your dogs total posers?

Well trollcole, they are posers because they don't want to be their real selves...which is, dogs. They much prefer pretending to be human and I, being the nutjob that I am, take pleasure in treating them like little babies. :)

The second question comes from Benny & Lily. They asked why Lucy isn't in the new Apple Mac commercials?

Sad story, Lucy was going to be in one of the Apple commercials, but we couldn't come to a monetary agreement with the Apple people so we backed out. Lucy's a star. She doesn't settle.

The third question, from Sequoia and Petunia asks what is Lucy's favorite toy?

Basically any toy that she can rip open in less than 30 seconds flat, pull out all the stuffing and then eat. She also loves bottlecaps but my mom likes to play "worst scenario possible" and said she'd choke and die on one so I've since stopped giving her those.

Fourth question from Mica. Does Tank get jealous that he doesn't have his own blog like Lucy?

Simple answer, no. Tank only wants Lucy's things. Example: I have two bones. Exact in everyway. I hand one to both dogs, Lucy takes off with her new bone and Tank has no interest in his bone. It is left on the floor while he tries to go and steal the bone that Lucy has. Say I offer to exchange said bones. I give Lucy the bone I originally tried to give Tank and she smiles and says "thank you ma'am" and I give Tank the one he wanted but now he's lost interest in this bone and will try stealing the same bone he originally refused! So, in summary, Tank loves being on Lucy's blog. If he had his own, he'd just find a way to get back on to her blog.

Thanks to Brutus' mom, Michelle, for answering one of my questions! She let me know that Tank is a possible candidate for Invisalign! I've been thinking though, maybe I should embrace Tank for who he is, accept that he is King of snaggletooths and could probably form some kind of army with all that power.


  1. Wow! I had no idea you owned a famous pug!

  2. Hahaha, great answer. Tank and his snaggle-tooth make me laugh!

  3. Great answers! Glad I could help :)

    Michelle (Brute's mommy)

  4. Thanks for making that clear. We are glad you put your paw down Lucy
    Benny & Lily

  5. Great answers! Yes i too know the pain of 2 dogs that want the same thing. I usually hand them out, take them back, switch them around and keep going until both are happy with what they have lol. We do get mad at Gus about stealing from Indy because he is triple her weight and size so he will sit and watch until she gets bored or he gets bored lol.

    Have you tried those toys for Lucy where it has a velcro tummy and you can rip out the insides? Or the ones where you stuff the 'tree trunk' with squirrels? Indy loves that one.