Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Locked out

I got home from work today, grabbed a beer, my camera and headed out to the backyard to take some pictures. It is 109 degrees here in Arizona, so it's not like I was going to spend a large amount of time outside, but I wanted to try to get some new pictures of the dogs for the blog. Well, as soon as I closed the sliding glass door, it locked. I have no idea how this was possible, as you can't lock the door and then try to shut it. It's impossible. You have to shut the door first, then lock it. The only explanation that I have for this is that I have a ghost occupying my house. A cruel ghost who wants me to suffer from heat stroke.

My house has been robbed. They got in through the dog door because it used to be large enough to fit a Great Dane. A steel plate was made to make it smaller so that the biggest thing getting through that door was a fat pug.

Here's a picture with my hand in front of the dog door for size comparison.

The only reason I was able to fit through that dog door is because I have crazy shoulders. I can pop them out of place if need be. This situation was a "need be" because all I had was a camera and a beer. I might have been able to build some sort of communication device with said beer and camera to contact someone to come and help me, but sadly, I'm no MacGyver.

Here's a picture I managed to get of the dogs during this ordeal. They thought it was necessary to try to help from inside the house, where it was air conditioned. Thanks guys!


  1. You got in through that little dog door? That's CRAZY!!! Flexible shoulders or not!! Lucky you!
    I got locked out once with Mason, my lab. No shoes, no bra (just sleepwear), no cellphone, no leash, no doggie door. We were new to the neighborhood , didn't know anyone, so was afraid to go knocking! Couldn't walk anywhere with no shoes, no leash. Just had to sit in the back yard for 6 hours until my husband got home from work! Got really bored & really sunburned!!

  2. You better teach those doggies how to call 911!!!

    That is crazy that you could get through that doggie door! Last time C got locked out, she just plain kicked in a window....

  3. That's a terrible thing to happen to you!

  4. OMD! You fit through that dog door!? At least the dogs tried to help :0

  5. Forget MacGyver, you should be in Cirque du Soleil if you managed to get through that doggie door!!!! You go girl!!!!!!! The dogs need a step stool so next time they can unlock the door =)

  6. And now you've proven how i can ignore your complaints on how unfit you've become. the reality check isn't a scale (or new stretch marks -- btw many girls, including yours truly, had them since puberty), it's whether you can fit through a tiny doggy door.