Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So it's been awhile...

I haven't posted for a bit, I apologize. This past weekend I was in Hermosa Beach for a bachelorette party. My wonderful mother babysat the dogs for me while I was gone.

I don't have any new photos to post, so I thought I'd post a random one. I can't believe how tiny Tank looks in this picture. His head reminds me of that scene in Beetlejuice where that guy sprinkles the dust on Beetlejuice's head and it shrinks.

Oh, and it's kind of hard to tell, but I'm wearing a bindi on my forehead. I just don't want anyone to mistake it for a giant zit or something.


  1. Good pic!!! Tee babies are so cute!! =)

    Jess & Lilo

  2. I think the dogs look jealous. They want bindis too.

  3. Look at that mini little head!! xoxo

  4. Look at that pair of soft bellies! eh - I mean on the dogs (that ended up sounding funny, sorry!) Cute the precious armful they are!


  5. What a sweet picture! Jemima is a little to heavy for me to hold with one arm ;)

  6. Thats what I'm talkin bout!! A Frenchie
    Benny & Lily