Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mr. Tank

This is Tank, a french bulldog. Tank was supposed to be Lucy's companion, to keep her company while I was away at work, but he is actually her sworn enemy.

Tank is very cute, but kind of slow. He even licks in slow motion. I think these pictures describe him well:


  1. I've heard that Frenchies are virtually untrainable...I want one real bad, but just don't know! How was Tank in regards to training?

  2. haha!! that's pretty funny. well...he's almost 10 months now and not house trained. at all. he marks ALL the time. on the other hand, he will drop whatever he's doing if i tell him no, so in that aspect he's pretty good. if i tell lucy no, it's like a challenge. "you're telling me no? i don't think so..." she's so stubborn!

    i read once (after i got Tank) that french bulldogs are "the best little a#$holes money can buy." i thought that rang pretty true. :D he is a very sweet and loving dog and i'm hoping that once he gets a little older he'll grow out of this marking phase.